Is my Tablo Dying? Help assessing?

Recently my tablo (original 4 tuner wifi) has started overheating, loading slowly, and has required a couple of reboots to get it functioning again.
I’m getting a laptop cooler in hopes of helping the heating problems, but wondering if I’m just in denial that this system is in need of replacement.
I don’t believe the hard drive is at fault since it remains functional once the tablo is restarted.
How can this be determined?

Just a shot in the dark, but could a faulty power supply cause the overheating?

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Second on checking (or simply replacing) the power supply. They seem to be the weakest link, especially on quads.

Also, I’ve had issues with thermal dissipation, and have used the fan pad with good success, but the fan noise in the living room was a bit too noisy. I placed the Tablo on top of our old, now unused, DVD/VCR combo, and the extra “heat sink” metal case of the old unit has really helped lower the temp of the Tablo – with no fan noise.

I just got my laptop cooling fan and hooked it up in my office (where the tablo is next to my router) and hope this helps
If problems continue I’ll consider replacing the power supply.

I’ve had a power supply go bad, and just a a precaution I have put a small desktop clip on fan pointed towards the unit. Don’t laugh, its mounted with cable ties to the wall in the garage on my RF distribution board.

Okay, it just dropped off the network again and required a reboot. Definitely not overheating.

Is your hard drive getting its power from the Tablo or does it have its own power supply?
If its running off the Tablo, that might be enough to cause the drops.

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