Is my OG Quad Tuner Dying?

The past couple of days I have been having serious issues with my original Quad Tuner Tablo. While watching a show the video started muting then freezing. Then when exiting out of the Tablo app I wasn’t able to reconnect to the Tablo. I rebooted it several times and eventually rebooted the router and that seemed to fix it.
Now the problem is happening again this morning and nothing seems to work. I can get the Tablo online but when I start watching something, recording or live TV, it does the same thing: audio cuts out after a few seconds and video freezes, then I lose connection.

My Tablo was wireless due to location of my antenna, but I do have a wireless bridge near it so I tried that with the same results.

I haven’t tried a factory reset of the Tablo yet, as my understanding is that that deletes all recordings and schedules.



A factory reset should not be attempted as a troubleshooting step and should only be done as a last resort by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Before jumping to the “last resort” …consider contacting tablo support, as the article continues:

By factory resetting the device, any and all old data accumulated during your usage of the device is erased including information that could be critical for Tablo Support representatives to provide accurate troubleshooting assistance.

There wasn’t an OG/original Quad Tuner Tablo - it’s either a 4-Tuner or a Tablo Quad factory reset instructions may vary.

Could the power supply be going? I’ve had to replace mine a couple of times because of various odd behavior that is resolved when I replace the power supply. They are available on the Tablo website for $12.

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Just wondering… a couple of time? Are your tablo devices the only ones you have issues with? I’m surprised how many users have issues with these, and occasionally others.

I’ve virtually encountered little to no problems over the years from external power supplies. I have unfortunately replaced PC power supplies way too often. Some state they are just “cheap”. If it were “dirty” power coming in, then other electronics would be presumably be damaged.

Just curious, do you seem to go through power supplies in general? or mostly just Nuvyyo’s?

That is a possibility. My first power supply lasted a few years but I had to replace it in September of 2019. So the one currently in use is about 4 months old.
I did get the Tablo working again this morning but who knows if it will continue to work.

I’m on my third power supply. The first one just appeared to stop providing sufficient voltage, the second I can trace back to a power surge during a particularly nasty storm early last year. Third one has been going strong for many months.

I haven’t had to replace the power supply on any of my other devices during that time.

However, I do live in an older house so I won’t say that isn’t a factor but it seems the Tablo power supply may be a bit more sensitive.

I just brought it up because on the first power supply it didn’t just up and stop working, I started having weird recording failures, etc. and decided to try that and it resolved those weird issues.

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I have also replaced a power supply which fixed my issues.