Is Manual the only option?

Quick question as I can not find the answer elsewhere. Last season (NFL) I had cable with their DVR. This season (NFL) I am a Tablo household. 

Last season I set up a show for my wife that came on CBS, which also has football games that sometimes go over the allotted time slot. So when I set up my wife’s show to record I simply told it to record an extra hour, that way no matter what my wife saw her show in full.

Is this an option with Tablo, is this an option Tablo is working on?

I do have a fix for it by setting up the next show or two to record as well, but the ability to extend the recording would be best.

It’s an often requested feature here, but who knows when it will ever be done. I would just do manual recordings for now. That’s what I plan to do.

gotcha, thanks