Is Fire TV harder to connect to Tablo than other devices?

I have a Quad DVR Tablo and connect it from AppleTV (primary), iPhone/iPad, and Fire TV plugged into bedroom TV. Connecting is fast on every device except the Fire stick, which can take up to 10 minutes to connect. The Fire is in the next room from the main router (which Tablo connects to) and has no problem streaming Amazon, Netflix etc. When I have seen the issue, I have opened the Tablo app on my iPhone (standing right next to the Fire TV to eliminate distance differences), and it can connect instantly.

I have reported this issue to Tablo support several times, and each time they give me the stock recommendations: reboot the Tablo, reboot the Fire, delete and reinstall the Fire app. Nothing works for very long (and reinstalling the app is a time consuming process that isn’t realistic to do regularly). I’m curious if other people have had similar connection issues specific to the Fire app. I suspect the Fire implementation is inherently buggy and Tablo is unwilling to admit it or devote the resources to fix it.

From my part the connection to Fire Stick takes more time than on other devices (iOS, TVOS, Android, Google TV), but I always attributed it to what I suspect is slower processing on the Fire Stick end as my other apps are also slower on the Fire Stick. But we are talking seconds here, not minutes.

I use two Apple TV’s, a Firestick and Fire TV. While I find Apple the best the Fire Stick and TV loads very similar. The difference is seconds shouldn’t be minutes.

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I have similar issues occasionally with Android TV, and Fire TV is a version of Android TV. I give up after about 30 seconds of the spinning circle and force stop the Tablo app, but sometimes I also have to clear the cache.

I’ve used Roku, Android phone, Android TV, Iphone, and Windows apps, and I’ve only had this issue with Android TV. It’s a shame because I like how it’s compatible with Tablo Connect.

I have several Tivo Stream 4K’s for the Android TV app, and they all occasionally have this issue. I haven’t been able to figure out a common sequence of events that causes it.

How do you clear the cache on a fire stick? Or is that on your phone?

On an Android TV device, you go to Settings, Apps, then select Tablo. Not sure if its the same on Fire TV.