Is anyone else on the Fast Ring of Windows 10 preview?

Looks like Project Spartan just got pushed today with build 10049.  I’m at work all day, so won’t be able to play until I get home, but I’m interested to see what it and Tablo think of each other in it’s early state.

I thought about it but I don’t want to dual boot nor go straight to 10, I’ll wait for the free upgrade from 7/8.1.

I was running 8.1 on my desktop and just went to 10 preview on it.  I don’t really rely on the desktop for anything, and 10 has been stable, so no regrets.  :)

@tablotv Just an FYI seems fully functional in this early release of the Project Spartan browser.  It has a strange double or even triple audio problem… You can also pause the playback and the audio keeps coming.  I’ve got to assume though this is has way more to do with the early beta state the browser is in rather than anything with Tablo.  Overall seems promising for the Tablo team not to have to do any real work to be compatible.

@jbanks25 - Cool! Good to know. 

Update on this.  After MS released their latest Preview build (With Project Spartan update) the odd dual audio problem is gone.  Now though it appears that there is a micro pause issue (I never knew what the Fire people were talking about until I saw the behavior through the Spartan browser.  I am thankful neither of my Fire devices suffer from it.).  Just an update for those who are curious since this clearly isn’t supported.