Is anybody else still on 2.2.2 and seeing MORE LPW since the Roku update?

I wasn’t having any problems until the latest Roku update. Now suddenly I’m seeing tons of LPW, disconnects, and even a Tablo Reboot. This is all with live tv, not recordings. I usually run it at the lower 720 setting but have tried them all except SD with same or worse results. Have also rebooted everything in the recommended order. Just now, I was watching live tv and it kicked me back to the guide. None of my channels worked again until I did a reboot of the Tablo. I just ripped all my recordings to PC so if nothing else, I’ll do another factory data reset and see if that helps. Curious though if anybody else on 222 had similar results?

Upgrade to the latest @TabloTV firmware. To bad Tablo diesn’t follow the Roku model and force you to be running the latest vers I n of the firmware.

I am running the beta version, only because I volunteered to. I am not saying to force everyone to run the beta version. Before switching to that model, username / password is required so you don’t become unpaired. The stupid pairing scheme should never have been used.

But then I would’ve been suffering along with everybody else for the last 3 months. :smiling_imp: As it is, it was smooth sailing for me since 222 came out until the latest Roku update (for the most part). Once I do a full reset, I’ll see if that helps. If not, then hello 228…

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Ok, did the full factory reset and been watching (testing dear) for the past hour and so far have not had one LPW or any other sketchy behavior. I was able to download the guide, sync and setup my schedule with no problems as well. For now, I think I’m gonna stick with 222 and see how it goes. OAN, one thing that I read in a past post was that doing several channel scans may or does corrupt the database of the Tablo. I’m always tweaking the position of my antenna due to a grove of 150 tall cedars and doug firs in between my house and the towers. I’m always looking for that perfect alley so to speak as when it rains (and boy has it rained here in the PNW for the past month) my signal on a couple of stations wavers a bit. Anyway, I always re-scan after every major adjustment, not after just rotating a couple of degrees though. So I wonder if that could be why my Tablo starts going a little wonky after a time?

Couldn’t the lumber guys move in and bulldoze the trees for sale? :imp:

You factory resetted the Tablo? How many recordings did you lose?

Now I wouldn’t go and factory reset without backing up first :relieved:

If they were mine…but they’re on about 4 different properties with homes in a much higher tax bracket than mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Soooo. after several more hours of ‘testing’ I started seeing the LPW again. I told myself one more and I’m doing it. It did it and I did it so I’m now with ya’ll on 2.2.8 with a flawless experience so far. I’ll be interested to see if recordings play back nicely too. Gotta go change my profile info to 2.2.8…

How hos yor Tablo experience been since 2.2.8? Let other holdouts know to upgrade.

It’s been much better but I am still seeing occasional LPW with inclement weather on both recordings and live tv. We’ve been having nonstop wind and precip here in the great PNW for the past month so I guess that’s to be expected. Here’s my conclusion in another topic: NEW Maintenance Firmware Release - 2.2.8.