Is Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV now?

I saw this article, this morning:

As I don’t (yet) have an Apple TV, can anyone confirm that you can now watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV?

Can anyone confirm it is also showing up in Canada, or is this a US only thing?

By some fluke, is there a Roku App for Amazon Prime Video in Canada yet? I have a couple of Roku’s and would prefer to stick with them but to get the trifecta of Canadian streaming content (Amazon, Netflix, CraveTV) on one device, I’ll switch devices.

Yes, just downloaded the app on Apple TV this morning in the US. You cannot buy content on it but your library and prime video are accessible.

The app is there, but we don’t have a subscription so can’t confirm whether it works in Canada.

No dice for Roku :frowning:

Thanks both of you for confirming.

Amazon gives a free 30 day trial (at least in Canada).

Since CraveTV isn’t available on Roku either, it looks like “Santa” might be getting me an Apple TV for Christmas this year.

It’s a shame that Roku (the company) still has the attitude that you can make an app for their device if you want to. They need to work harder on getting the big providers on-board or they will keep losing market share.

It’s very likely that they’d LOVE to have an Amazon app but that Amazon is more interested in selling Fire TV sticks than it is helping ROKU.

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That’s probably true, especially when you consider the latest Amazon/Google spat. Unfortunately, it is still going to drive Roku out of the (Canadian) market.

The same can not be said for the lack of CraveTV on Roku. Granted, Roku might have to write it themselves but getting Bell Media’s support shouldn’t be too hard (from a corporate negotiations point-of-view).

I’m not clear here. On my Roku I can easily watch Amazon Prime (I’m in the US). Been that way ever since way back on my first Roku. I’m now on my 3rd generation of Roku devices.

Are you saying that There is no App in the Canadian Roku app store to allow Amazon Prime video? What a shocker that they’re neglecting you guys like that. :open_mouth:

A quick search confirms this is correct, and I’m suffused with pity for my brethren in our northernmost provinces. :slight_smile:

I’m not saying you should do this, it’s clearly not covered by the correct “rights”, but it serves to confirm my understanding of the issue.

Wonder why Amazon is so lax? Guess they’re far too busy feuding with Google to actually sit their butts down and modify the Roku app for Canada.

That’s not something that ROKU does, nor would Bell likely be open to it.

If you notice, Crave is only available on the web and on devices made by companies that Bell already has a relationship with on the mobile side of their business (Apple, Google, Samsung etc.).

Their incentive is to keep people from cutting the cord and keep their bottom line padded. Putting an app on the most popular Canadian platform for cord cutters and on a device that they don’t get a cut of the sale of or that doesn’t make their partners feel warm & fuzzy doesn’t get them anything.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. But Amazon was neglecting us for years too. We didn’t get Prime Video until early this year (or maybe late last year).

This may be a foreshadowing of “things to come” - when every guy in the market sells their own stick. :frowning: Problem is my TVs have either 3 or 4 HDMI ports and that limits how many devices I can connect.

While I believe they think that way. It would get them a minimum of one more subscriber at their current price point (probably a lot more than one). I don’t have cable, don’t have a land line, and my cell is with one of their competitors.

CraveTV alone was not enough to convince me to switch to the double-the-price-of-the-high-end-Roku Apple TV. But Prime Video and Crave might.