iPhone Tip: View Live TV

Just sharing something I found (sorry if this is ‘obvious’ or easily found elsewhere):

From the Live TV section/ EPG/Guide the iPad app has a Play icon when you click on the program you get more info to watch live or record the show; however the iPhone app does not have this option…
From the Live TV section/ EPG/Guide click the channel box to start playing live tv for the channel.

Thanks @ted

That’ll def help some people out who come looking.

Great tip @ted

We’ve got this posted on our blog, but we do get this question from new users pretty frequently. Good call :slight_smile:

thank you! i feel dumb now, but i was having a hard time figuring this out!

That post helped me out! Thanks so much!

Thank you…I could not figure that one out on my own.  Sometimes very obvious things are not intuitive for older people.

Long-time Elgato EyeTV user here and their Mac guide works this way.  Cursor mouse click in the channel box to open LIVE window so naturally that was one of the 1st things I tried. 

But for a few moments I was confounded so a very good thread to point out the nuances of the GUI.

This is a great tip.  However, I would expect the interface to be consistent with the other Tablo apps.  I suggest the Tablo design team should add the play button to the program information screen as one would expect and be consistent with the other apps.

Thanks great info

Thank you this was not obvious, and why I’m here. I actually thought it was a limitation of the phone (perhaps some encoding or the like needed to use the phone, and it was deemed not powerful enough).

I now feel empowered to watch my love tv while sitting on the deck. Thanks!

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