iPhone Tablo App

Hi, recently got Tablo and it’s been working great minus a few connection issues. The app is working across all of my Fire Sticks, however, I ended up signing out of the app on my iPhone and I cannot get it to connect back to Tablo. When going through the initial setup, I cannot get Tablo to join my Wifi network and it does not show up listed as an available network under Settings. Any hep would be appreciated, thanks!

How close is it to the wireless router?

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Both are in the same room, about 10 feet apart.

If your Fire Sticks are still working with your Tablo then it is still connected to your network.

When I sign out of the Tablo app on my ipad it displays the screen shown below. I click on “I Have a Tablo Account” and it brings up a sign-in screen. I sign in and then click “Next”. From the next screen I select my Tablo and it brings up the Tablo home page. How far in that process are you getting?

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By random luck, I tried again on my iPhone and it was able to detect the Tablo. Fingers crossed it stays connected. Thanks for the replies.