Iphone Not Playing Videos on WebApp IOS app

I can not get the tablo website through safari on my phone or the ios app to play any videos. It pulls up the video screen and then it just stays on loading.

I can do everything else on the apps like set videos to record and change settings.

I have no issues using tablo from my laptop or desktop computer.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

  1. Which iPhone?
  2. What version of iOS is installed?
  3. Have you tried deleting the Web app, rebooting the phone and then re-installing the app?
  1. IPhone 6
  2. IOS 8.3
  3. Yes

It wont play from the website either. The video comes up, but nothing happens when I push the play button.

Very weird - I have the 6 and it works fine. How far are you from your router?

I just tried it to confirm, works fine.

Just a few feet.

Is anyone else having the same problem or have ideas?

Interesting… I set it up so I could access my tablo remotely. I can watch the videos over my cell phone network.