iPhone not able to connect outside home

When on Cellular LTE through AT&T and Wifi:

My iPhone is working great in my home but the html5 interface seems to work only once out of every 10 times I try to use it when I am out of my home. It generally just stays at the Connecting… message then the Retrying in 5 seconds message.  In each case I’ve confirmed that I can pull up my tablo at port 31880 and that I can stream directly from it. 

Is this a known issue? If I can do to help get it resolved such as console output and debugging just let me know. 

@Davidvr - I had my iPhone on Tablo Connect this morning so that’s not expected behaviour.

Have you tried hitting ‘cancel’ on the ‘retrying’ message and starting again? 

That does work most of the time but not every time every time. 

Thanks David - We’ll take a look at this.