Iphone & Ipad Apps

Guys, I apologize if this is already listed some place.  I was traveling this weekend and using hotel wifi.  I couldnt' get my ipad to connect to my home tablo.   Also, I can't get the iphone app to connect to my tablo either.  Should the iphone app connect using cell connection and not wifi connection?

I remember in the past having to sync my ipad at home for this to work on another wifi connection.  I did that last year but I haven't done it lately.

You should be able to connect on both cell and WiFi. 

It could be that your device has lost its pairing with Tablo… Has your router been reset recently?

I highly recommend syncing all portable devices with your home Tablo right before going on a trip.  That is the best way to ensure they will work in Tablo Connect mode on your trip.

I will say that most hotel wi-fi connections are pretty weak, so be prepared to use 1 Mbps or even 500 Kbps speeds.  I do like that you can configure that on the fly on your portable device, and it can be different for each device.

Boom!  Just remembered I did get a new router recently.  I totally forgot about that!

Yes pairing a device for Tablo Connect is not permanent. Even sometimes when the router does not reboot it does not work.


Is there a time period when pairing expires? Or is it just if your WAN IP changes?

@theuser86 - There is no ‘set period’ for expiration. Your connection should maintain itself unless there’s a major reset of your Tablo or the router but other things like multiple power failures can cause issues. 

We will be looking at alternative connection methods for Tablo Connect over the coming year to give folks a non-pairing option.