iPhone App not Connecting on iOS 10 pubic beta

Just to pass on my experience with the iPhone app on the iOS 10 public beta. I can not get the iPhone app to connect to my Tablo (4 tuner). I tried hard restart, uninstall and reinstall, network reset. The iPhone is a 6+.

The iPad app is working fine for me on the iOS 10 public beta.

Same thing here. Just updated and tested my iPhone 6+ to iOS 10 public beta. Unable to connect to Tablo. When I open the Tablo app, nothing happens, just unending steady white screen.

Already fed it back to the Tablo team as a bug. In their defence the iOS 10 isn’t actually in the final stage of release from Apple until September providing developers a window of time to get their app ready :slight_smile:

Same here.

I know this is two months later, but after updating my iPhone to ios 10 (not beta), I cannot

Sorry, sent that by accident. But to finish, cannot connect to Tablo. The app sees my tablo, the guide, recorded shows ( and plays them), but will not connect to live TV. It only does this while on data, connects fine while I’m home on my wifi.

How many tuners do you have? To play Live TV remotely, the Tablo needs to use 2 tuners. One for the broadcast stream, one to re-encode for remote viewing. It only needs one for local viewing.

I have a four tuner box, cabled to my router. All ports are forwarded correctly. I got my box in May and I’ve always been able to view live TV on my iPhone. As I said, it works great when I’m home using wifi, but no connection when I’m away on my data plan. I am on ios 10.
Thanks for your reply. Missed some good football yesterday while shopping with my wife.