iPhone app issue

When my screen timeout on my iPhone I keep getting disconnected from airplay, it doesn’t happen on my iPad. Anyone has an idea what may be the cause of this? Background app refresh is activated

I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad Air 2


What iOS are you running on said devices?

iOS 9 on both.

I was getting the same issue with iOS 8.

@jayeffgee - We tested this today and weren’t able to repeat it.

What version iPhone are you using?

Out of curiosity, do you have MSFT Exchange installed on this phone? It oddly enough can mess with some settings that affect Airplay.

He said iPhone 5 with iOS 9, not sure what GB size it is.

Yes I do have an exchange mail acct on my iPhone and I dont have it on my ipad… That would make sense then.

Just an observation, I ran a recording from my plex iphone app yesterday and it didnt stop when my screen timeout

Thanks for the reply

Does the Apple TV have a Plex app though? Because then the playback would be handed off to the ATV rather than playing back on the iPhone with AirPlay.

@theuser86 No it doesn’t, not with the current version of Apple TV anyway.

I use the Tablo Plex app from my iPhone when I’m watching my other TV, which has a Chromecast.

Wait you are using the Tablo channel/plugin in the Plex Media Server and then using the Plex app on the iPhone to watch the Tablo?

If so, why not use the native Tablo app for the iPhone?

Cause the iOS Tablo app don’t support Chromecast.

No I meant with the Apple TV.

Oh I use it the native tablo app when I watch it on my Apple TV. At least on my iPad I do, I don’t use my iPhone to watch on my Apple TV very often

Yeah the iPad app and iPhone app are very different. The iPhone app is basically the my.tablotv.com website wrapped up in an app.

there’s that and it’s not very practical to get kicked out of the show you were watching when someone calls you :slight_smile:

I switched back to 720p Roku/Chromecast and rebooted all my devices.

Tested a few times and now it seems to be working fine on my iPhone, no more disconnects after screen timeout.

In the same time I switched to 720p and started testing it, my first month subscription ended and now I’m more to the more basic features, not sure if it helped as well.

I didn’t make any change to my exchange settings btw.