iPhone 5 won't connect to TabloTV using my.tablotv.com

First day with a new TabloTV. Roku3 and iPad connect to the TabloTV without problems.

A MacBook connects successfully to Tablotv using Safari, browsing to my.tablotv.com

On the iPhone 5 Safari is used to browse to my.tablotv.com. It finds my tablotv. Pressing “connect” I see a spinning circle, “Connecting…”, and a “cancel” button. And that’s as far it gets… This issue is seen with all devices on the same local area network (LAN).

Any tips an how to get TabloTV working on an iPhone?

I was able to connect my wife’s iPhone 5s to my Tablo just fine through the Safari browser, but I have another issue.  I want to watch live TV on it, and it sees all the shows.  But I can’t figure out how to actually watch TV on it.  It gives description and lets me set up recordings, but I don’t see the play icon like I do on my computer browser.

@qamguy - We had a few issues with the web-based app over the weekend that are getting patched up today. Try again this evening. Make sure that if you get a ‘needs more memory’ notice to hit ‘OK’.

@snowcat - The play button should be in the header area on the web-based app. I’ll see if I can get a screenshot for you.

@qamguy - One thing to try… Are you trying to browse in ‘private’ mode? If so, the Tablo won’t be able to connect.

@snowcat - On the iPhone app to launch the live TV, you click on the channel ID in the left hand column. 

OK - switching off ‘private’ browsing did the trick. I successfully connected an iPhone and watched recorded content.

I also couldn’t get live TV to play (as @snowcat described above). Touching/selecting the current show in the guide screen didn’t work. Selecting/touching the channel ID (as noted above) worked!! LiveTV played great on the iPhone.

Thanks for the help!

It worked for me too.  It’s just confusing because using a computer browser, I can just select the show.  For the iPhone, I have to do what qamguy said and click on the channel itself.

@snowcat - There are limitations with the screen size on the iPhone. We’ve really been surprised at how popular phones and the web-based app are so we’ll be looking closer at that over the next little while.