Ipad pro - split screen functionality

Will the next ipad version of the tablo app have the functionality to use tablo in split screen mode on ipad pro and ipad air 2 ?

@Jasmin_Bourdon - Yes, we do plan to add that functionality in an iPad update. I don’t have an ETA on that at the moment because our iOS team is focusing on the Apple TV app at the moment.

Keep focusing on that Apple TV app! Can’t come soon enough!


Ok, has enough time elapsed to get an update on this iOS feature. As a multi-tasker (:wink:) it sure would be nice to watch a program on Tablo while working on another app.

Also, I won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone near me, since the app on iOS is afflicted by the same low noise volume issue as with the TV.

Just saying.

Have a nice day!

Not to beat a dead horse, but has there been any plans to update the iOS app for v10, especially for PIP? After 365+ days that doesn’t seem like a whole lot to ask for.

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I’m here to beat that dead horse some more …

would LOVE to have PIP on my iPad!