iPad app crash when scheduling a recording

Everytime I create a custom recording or try to change the repeating recording settings, my the app crashes. No recording timer set.

Latest Tablo app on iPad Air ios8

Upgrade to iOS 9.1 - works legit on it.

@darthdennis - According to our iOS guru: “This bug is actually already solved and was reviewed by Apple late last week. Hoping to release it today or tomorrow.”

Is this still happenning to you? Because it has been happening to me, too! It crashes every single time I try to edit a recording schedule or create a new recording schedule.

@Tablo support, The bug is not solved for me. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app with no change. Is it because I am using an old ipad (version 2)? But the app worked fine until recently. If I try to schedule a recording (by using the + button from the scheduled section) the app will crash as soon as I choose from a picklist of channels or times or days. It also crashes if I try to edit an existing schedule–also as soon as I choose from a picklist. I have not upgraded to ios9 and was hoping not to just yet because every new ios makes my ipad run slower.

Can you all confirm specifically which iteration of iOS8 you’re using?

8.3(12F69) Do you think the IOS is the problem?

I have an iPad 2 (the old one) running that same OS version, and the updated Tablo app doesn’t crash on me when creating or modifying schedules. So I am not sure why yours is giving you problems.