iPad 500 miles from Tablo streaming to another TV

ROKU fanatic W 2 homes. Vegas residence 93 channels including major networks. SF East Bay, no on air channels. How can I get Tablo recordings in Vegas from my iPad to ROKU Pro for my other TV in SF East Bay?

Currently paying $420 yr for Sling. Better than $1440 I was playing yr Dish, but a 4 channel Tablo letting me watch or record 4 channels is cheaper.

Would I use app from Apple like I used to do with Apple before ROKU had an Apple Music app, or ROKU Tablo app?

Which dO you have — a Network Tablo device or an HDMI Tablo device?

Probably overkill for your specific use case, but I only mention it because it’s how I’d do it:

Record the items on your Vegas tablo. Export (via TabloRipper) those recordings to your Plex Media Server that you use to host all your movies and music. Then, through Plex, you can access your exported Vegas recordings from anywhere (meaning, in SF you wouldn’t access the Tablo, but rather you’d access Plex). But this would only work for recordings, not for live TV. And, if you haven’t gone down the Plex path yet, please ignore this post because you’re just going to want to punch me in the head once you realize what an undertaking I’m talking about.