IP channels on Tablo

I have an LG TV. When I run a channel scan on it, I get several IP channels,eg IP-121, with great reception found over my OTA antenna When I do a channel scan on Tablo, those channels don’t show up. Any suggestions or familiarity with this issue?

Do the equivalent channels show up in Tablo scan ?
i.e. IP-121 is CBS for LG and 13.2 is CBS for Tablo.
Might just be a numbering difference.

I don’t think you will be getting LG channels via OTA unless there is a corresponding OTA channel.

For OTA TV viewers, LG Channels provides more seamless content access and navigation, making finding that favorite show or niche content more accessible and faster. OTA TV channels start with a number or letter, whereas LG Channels always begin with the letters "IP.