IP address for Tablo TV Guide

My router routinely grants remote access to my Tablo through ports 80 and 8887. It grants this access to the good folks at Just wanted to make sure this is Tablo and not the Dark Lords of Sith. Those IP location finders think is in New Jersey,

What started this was my Friday weekly Cord-Cutter email from Tablo, where they talked about bandwidth usage. Although my ISP does not limit me, I was checking the traffic meter in my router. I am pleased to report that I average 120 to 150 GB per month. Yes, I use Netflix or AP daily for a few hours.

I have made the same assumption on this IP that I captured with the same port access that you described. I also just wanted to confirm that this IP is Tablo talking to the tuner.

I also see this IP in my logs. Can we get confirmation this is correct?

Correct. This is the Tablo ‘phoning home’ to our server.