iOS app keeps crashing after upgrade to 2.2.2

I’ve been using my Tablo for several weeks with no issue. I upgraded to 2.2.2 this morning. Now the iOS app keeps crashing while playing live TV (I’m also using AirPlay to an Apple TV). It will play fine for several minutes (what appears to be a random amount of time) and then the app crashes. I can start it up again and repeat this cycle over and over again.

Have you tried deleting the app, rebooting the iDevice, then re-installing the app?

Not yet. I’m an iOS developer, and I can’t logically think of why that would matter. I’ll pull the crash reports and post here when I get a chance.

Here’s what it’s hitting ->

Sep 4 10:58:38 HulkBuster Tablo[9937] : *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘Invalid number value (NaN) in JSON write’
*** First throw call stack:
(0x185e6da94 0x19a8b7f80 0x185e6d9dc 0x186e233a8 0x186e21db8 0x186e24020 0x185dbf0d0 0x185dacd78 0x186e237ac 0x186e21d5c 0x186e24208 0x185d6b1d0 0x185d61ef8 0x186e23a08 0x186e21dfc 0x186e21b8c 0x186e22be8 0x1000ad06c 0x1000a06cc 0x1000adba8 0x10009aa48 0x185e131e8 0x185e12a08 0x185e12788 0x185e782cc 0x185d53314 0x186cbe45c 0x18841064c 0x18840c31c 0x18857fda8 0x18840b048 0x10009ab64 0x10009a614 0x185e131e8 0x185e12a08 0x185e12788 0x185e782cc 0x185d53314 0x186cbe45c 0x18841064c 0x1884108bc 0x18857e8e0 0x19b0d584c 0x19b0d580c 0x19b0dae9c 0x185e24d90 0x185e22bf8 0x185d518a0 0x190dac088 0x18b3e60d4 0x100046ce4 0x19b1068b8)
Sep 4 10:58:38 HulkBuster mediaserverd[9892] : 10:58:38.824 WARNING: [0x16e503000] 255: CMSession retain count > 1!

And here’s a zip file to the latest crash reports.

Tablo Crash Reports

@thanatos0801 - We have a fix in for this issue which is in QA now. As soon as QA gives their thumbs up, we’ll submit to Apple for an update.

Can I get on the beta list? This is driving me nuts… I work at home and play live TV to have some audio in the house when nobody is home. Right now I have to restart playback every 5-10 minutes.

We’ll likely go straight to the Apple approval process once it’s been QA-ed so the bad new is we likely won’t do a beta but the good news is that it’ll be fixed quickly.

In the meantime you could try using the web app through your phone’s browser.