iOS 11 Tablo App

Hi y’all, as an Apple Beta Tester i was lucky enough to get the hopefully final version of iOS 11 yesterday and was wondering when a working version of the iOS Tablo app being released as the existing version does not work?

There is a beta version for iOS 11 and works well with the GM. You you have access to it?

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I have what is supposed to be the “Gold Version iOS 11” that was released last night to Apple employees, developers and Public Beta Testers - This is supposed to be the final version (I have had 5 Beta Versions) that will be released on September 19 to the general public and the iPad Tablo app still wont connect to my 2017 iPad Pro - it works fine with my iOS 10.2.2 version on my iPhone 7, my Apple TV and my Roku’s (5). But as you know iOS 11 will only except 64 bit programs not 32 bit like previous versions of iOS.

Sorry, I meant to say the beta version of the Tablo app that works with iOS 11 beta / GM? Are you signed up for it? If not, shoot @TabloSupport an email and see if you can gain access to it. Works great for me.

Thanks, i will.