IONPLUS now Courttv

I have updated the guide but it still shows IONPLUS programming like Murdoch Mysteries. That station 17-1 is now COURTTV. Please update the guide. My wife will miss her Murdoch Mysteries for sure! She’ll have to stream it I guess. Spectrum cable hasn’t updated theirs either. The switchover happened yesterday. Thx!

Until the guide is fixed, setup a manual recording so your show isn’t missed.

Contact Tablo Support directly by opening a support ticket so they can get the guide data fixed by the provider. Provide them with the channel details and your zip code so they know which market this issue involves.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’m getting ION out of Buffalo and it looks like they changed 3 of the stations.

QUBO to CourtTV. IONPLUS to GRIT and another to LAFF.

You may want to wait a few days to let things sort out. For me, only the LAFF call sign has changed with an up to date guide. They other 2 are a mix of the new content and old. Hopefully the stations will push out the updated guide date in a few days.

More info on the switcheroos here:

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Great short video on this from Tyler today