Inverted Image on Yoga Tab 3 Pro (Android)

I ran into an odd problem tonight. I tried running the Android Tablo app on my Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro. The app runs ok, and rotates appropriately depending on the orientation of my tablet…until I pick a channel and start watching a video. At that point, if I happen to be using my tablet upside down (a common usage scenario for this tablet), even though the menus are right side up, the actual video flips upside down. It never rotates to be right side up…until I exit the video and go back to the menus. Any thoughts on what might be going on here? Is it a bug? Something I can fix?


Hmm Yoga… maybe you shold try standing on your head? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, just kidding, but I couldn’t resist.

@MikeNE Hm. This is likely related to the Tablo app (on Android) not supporting video rotation in the player. It sounds like there could be something wonky triggering the menu behaviour you’re seeing. I’l pass this along to the team - though the rotating player is already a known issue.

Thanks - although I’m not QUITE clear on your response. The menus, guide, etc. all work exactly as they should, and they rotate appropriately depending on the orientation. It’s the actual live video feed that doesn’t. I haven’t tried it with a recording yet, but I will do that next. I’m assuming the same thing will happen, meaning it’s related to the player code or its interaction with my specific tablet rather than the overall app.

Otherwise, this tablet is pretty cool. It’s not a powerhouse, but the built in projector makes using Tablo more fun.

Was facing same issue but now working fine for me.