Introducing Tablo OTA Drone

Today OTA TV takes flight with the introduction of Tablo Drone!

Stay tuned for pre-order details!


Shown with optional antenna upgrade.


Can we get it wired? I have a nice 200 foot RG6 cable that I have been meaning to use, and I don’t trust wireless.

@snowcat - We guarantee that CoaxCast is 110% better than Chromecast so you shouldn’t need to hard wire :stuck_out_tongue:

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So THIS is why we don’t have the Apple TV app or 5.1 support yet?! :wink:

Ummmm, what is today?

Actually the new beta supports 12.5.1 sound. Still can’t do 5.1, but if you have the new maxisurround standard, you’re covered. When we sold our house earlier this year, we took the proceeds as a down payment on our new Bose Maxisurround system. My only problems is that I seem to be losing my hearing in my right ear and the hair on my right toe is gone. But other than that… EXCELLENT!!

We chose Bose because it has excellent silence. Quieter than the competition during silent scenes.


What’s the range? I would like to fly it into another time zone so I can see the news an hour earlier.:wink:

Never mind, I just read the blog post and it only has a 25 mile range. Come on @TabloTV , all modern drones have 5.1 range extender, why doesn’t this have it?


Is this an alternative to “remote connect”?

The antenna on the drone if for OTA reception more so than control. This is especially usefull when you have a heavily occluded path to OTA towers. Battery capacity is somewhat a problem, however the drone won’t actually engage and lift off until several seconds before a scheduled recording. Back to back shows will wear on the battery and you can expect longer delays for Live TV as you have wait for the drone to reach altitude. All of this will be improved on over time.

You think this is funny, but I would consider buying one… every time my fat head blocks the signal of my indoor antenna!

Would the Walston Antenna Helmet work?

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Would be the cat’s meow if I could send one to my blister across the pond so I could get Channel 4 and BBC here.

They could partner with Anker and use solar charging batteries.

Where’s the FAA registration number? Haha…

Seriously, there’s some amazing projects going on around the world working with autonomous long term flight capabilities. Stuff like low orbit satellite links.