Introducing Tablo ENGINE OTA DVR App!

Hi Tablo fans!

You’ll notice there’s a new category in the forum: ENGINE APP.

That’s because we’re very excited to announce the arrival of our very first software-based OTA DVR solution - Tablo ENGINE and the companion dual-tuner USB antenna adapter Tablo TUNER.

Get the deets on the Tablo blog here:

And check out the app tour!

We hope you like it!

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I’m very excited to finally see this release! Is there any timeline for when multiple USB tuner dongles can be used (via USB3 hub)? There isn’t really any technical reason why this shouldn’t be feasible, USB3 has more than enough bandwidth for it.

HDhomerun network compatibility would be a huge benefit as well, in many cases it is much easier to put your tuner near your antenna with only a network connection vs getting coax from your antenna to your TV. Shield Android TV already has HDhomerun compatibility for the Live Channels and Plex DVR apps, it is just a matter of using this from the Tablo Engine app.

Not yet. :slight_smile: We were pretty focused on getting step 1 done.

Now that it is, we can look at ways we can start making ENGINE more awesome.

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So I installed this, everything seemed to go fine, EXCEPT… the software found my expanded USB thumbdrive (dedicated to the Shield TV 128GB), but can’t or won’t see my attached USB drive (WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive). I will only use this if I can use a USB drive, the internal drive and USB thumbdrive are too small. Any ideas?

Since only one external device can be set up as adopted storage per Shield TV requirements I assume the thumbdrive is configured as the adopted storage currently?

Tablo ENGINE records to whatever the adopted storage medium is I believe.

Yes, the thumb drive is set up as adopted storage. To not be able to use the connected USB hard drive though is nuts. I also have Plex TV and it sees and uses the hard drive just fine.

I was interested in the Tablo software as I thought it was more mature than Plex TV, but if this is a limitation of Tablo, then I can just wait on Plex TV to become a little less buggy. It isn’t bad ‘as is’, but it is a little rough around the edges, being as new as it is.

The Tablo interface looks nice, but issues like this will kill Tablo in the long run.

Out of curiosity, is there a particular reason you can’t make the HDD adopted? Or is it a situation where you move that drive to other devices and can’t have it formatted as adopted storage?

Any chance supporting USB DVB T2/T/C tuners for UK/AU etc.?

@VegasSteve - Did you follow the storage instructions here?

Sorry, not at the moment. We don’t have any infrastructure set up for customers outside of the US/Canada.

A couple of questions @TabloTV may or may not be able to answer. Just looking at the different possibilities for this product that Nuvyyo/Tablo might not have considered.

  1. If I already have a lifetime guide subscription, will it be honored for this usb 2-tuner?
  2. Could kodi be set up to look for the recordings made by this usb 2-tuner? (ie setup up kodi source to be the hard drive where the recordings are stored) Thus making it possible for a whole home solution. Not sure how the recordings are stored on hard drive.
  3. Will there be an Xbox One app for the Tablo Engine? Could a similar Hauppage tuner be used; It is ATSC. (ie Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One )

Would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks

As to your first question, since it’s a different category of product it’s not included in the lifetime subscription. It has it’s own separate subscription model.

:frowning2: That may hurt those who might want to add/replace this to their existing setup for the 5.1 sound. I understand though. You gotta make that money. :money_mouth:

I can see that perspective but really they are two distinct products I suppose. The Tablo is a whole-home DVR while Tablo ENGINE is limited to the Shield TV right now. I wonder if they would ever consider a “combined” package subscription at an even more reduced rate.

I see Nilex answered your first question…

The setup for ENGINE right now requires a USB hard drive or onboard storage for recordings. The way we have things set up now is the recordings are locked to the drive. This was done to speed up app development but we will likely look at ways we can open this up in the future.

We haven’t tested that tuner so I can’t confirm whether it would work or not. If you’ve got one kicking around already, test it out! The ENGINE app is free :slight_smile:

Mate, don’t be sorry, you have to start somewhere. But keep in mind that DVB T/T2/C is used by many Countries and the shield is sold in many Countries so from your perspective you don’t want to limit your Business model. … and … I wont yell at ya if support for Australia is your next step. :grinning:

Our VP of marketing spent time in Oz and would give her left arm to go back. She’s been lobbying hard for an outpost over there so hopefully we can get big enough to expand internationally :thumbsup:

The Nvidia Shield geforce forum has a thread dedicated to the activation of USB tuner code already built into the OS.

I would think that there are more users interested in DVB-T/DVB-T2/DVB-C in Europe then OZ.

Population of Australia 25M, UK 65M, France 67M, …

We’re happy to patch that up for you! Just drop our support gurus a note: