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My wifes 76 year old aunt lives with us. I put a little antenna in her window. fooled around with the telescoping antennas and found a spot for her tv to get channel 6. now she she gets so many stations she can’t decide what to watch. I have to look to print out a weekly tv schedule for her. and no, we don’t get the paper. the papers in philly have nothing in them but ap press stuff, and I’m tired of them only reporting shootings, murders, violence etc


Don’t forget there is a fire every night they report on too!


I’m Tim from Fargo, ND. I “cut the cord” about a year ago when I dropped DTV.

I installed a Winegard HD7698P roof antenna to point NW to reach towers 60 miles away (ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS) along with a Multi Directional antenna that picks up FOX tower signals coming from the SW 25 miles away. I also have to use the Winegard outdoor amplifier to boost the signals from those distant NE towers.

I installed both of the antennas on the same mast and used the satellite brackets, support post, and coax for my OTA signals. Those two antennas go to a splitter that plugs into the amplifier then sends the amped up signals into the house.

I now receive 35 OTA channels in beautiful, clear HD signals. I didn’t have to rewire anything inside my home.

We use the Tablo about every day (4 tuner refurb, Ethernet wired) along with Netflix, SlingTV using 3 Roku 2s. My wife no longer thinks I’m nuts for cord cutting, and notices we actually have way more viewing options now that we use Roku instead of cable or satellite. The picture clarity is so much better when watching live OTA instead of cable or satellite.

We’re both very happy we cut the cord!


Don’t forget you can use network apps for recent shoes or if you have zDirecTV Now or other, then log in for more.

As far as I know the streaming tv choices are limited to the US.


I had my antenna installed yesterday. The guy who installed it said he swears by the one he put up. It is made by RCA and is a Yagi. I have 4 tv’s in my house. They all go out from a splitter in the basement. When he showed me what verizon was using he said that it was bad. It had a 13 db loss. He replaced it with one that I think was 3db loss. he hooked up the antenna which is now mounted on my chimney. I now get a crystal clear picture on all my Tv’s. I also get channel 6 (ABC) with no problem at all. I also had him run a cable from the antenna to my tablo. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Anything else we want to watch, we can stream


The reason you’re getting Philly ABC is that the antenna that was put up for you is a lo-VHF/hi-VHF/UHF capable antenna. The size of the directors at the back of the antenna are the length required for lo-VHF wavelengths. So you’re covered for the full TV frequency band (and the repack). Most antennas do not cover lo-VHF (channels 2 through 6).


@Rex, do you mind sharing your installers name and phone number? I am looking for someone to install my antenna on the roof. You can email me or pm me the info.

I am having trouble finding an installer in NJ.

And we are getting solar panels in a week or so I need to move it out of the attic. And yes I do not want to climb up onto my roof. Too high for me…


Absolutely correct. I may with a Yagi myself.


His name is Bill from VIP Telecom. His number is 610-570-3965. Tell him you got the number from Bill in Glenolden that he did the install for.


Thank you sir!


Lucky here in that no stations are relocating to lo-VHF for the repack.



Spoke with Bill last night. He’s coming out this afternoon to scout the property. Appreciate the assist. Seems like a really good guy and takes pride in his work.


He’s great and knows what he is doing. He will tell you what he is going to do before he does it. Let me know how it goes and the result.


VBill was here for about 3-4 hours. That antenna is huge. I’ll post a couple of pics tomorrow morning.

So far so good. I am going to give it a few weeks with ABC and Bill said to call if I have any problems. I have a couple of referrals for him as well and a job at our beach house as well.

He’s a good guy and knows what he is doing.

I did not expect him to install the antenna today but he was here and banged it out. I’ll repost in a few days and track abc for the next few weeks. Hopefully the problem is solved.

If you are in the Philly area and want a professional install. Bill is your man. I’ll also need to create a home advisor account and post a positive review.

Ended up being about 35-40 feet above ground level!

Also, I live in S Jersey about 17 miles from the towers. 4 tuner Tablo and western digital passport 2tb drive. One fire tv, 2 Apple TV 4’s. We are a mac family so there are 5 iPhones and couple of iPads and a couple of mac computers, desktop and laptop.

My name is Scott and the wife has been very accepting of the change. My boys watch mostly on their devices, Netflix,Tablo dvr and tons of sports. This has really changed the way we watch tv, it’s all dvr most of the time and the kids really get annoyed when they have to watch tv at their grandparents house!


exact same antenna I have


Yah, he swears by it and it does work!


Hi, I am Stephanie from Weatherford Texas. I am new to the Tablo, and having some issues, so I joined the community to hopefully find some answers. Nice to meet everyone.


looks exactly like my 35 yr old Radio Shack antenna. And it still works great! (gets 79 channels out of Phx all with 5 green)


We are Gail and Gerry from Medford, Oregon. Our 4-tuner Tablo has been in use for a month now. Had some initial audio sync issues, but Matthew in Customer Service fixed all. We cut DTV and now use Tablo and Sling TV through Fire TV 2 boxes. Sling DVR works quite well for us.


Its Been just over 2 weeks since I “cut the cord” and couldn’t be happier. Great picture. I can dvr shows. and no more paying the cable company a boat load of money for stuff I don’t need. It took the wife a little bit to get used to the change but she adapted. It will be even better when I get to month 2.5 and have recovered the money I put out to set this up.

Now that I have made the switch, it’s amazing how many homes I see with new antenna’s installed. Never even gave a look before