Internet down Tablo useless?

My internet went down. Keep in mind I’m at home on the same network as the Tablo. Nothing has changed in my internal connections. My ISP had a fiber cable cut somewhere across town. All other devices talk to each other fine on my home network.

The Tablo claims EVERY CHANNEL has a weak signal. Not an issue for the other tuner attached to the same antenna. I checked connections and everything looks fine. I looked at the external antenna and all cables. The antenna cables were put in new during the summer so less then a year old.

I power cycled the Tablo and now I can’t even connect to it with the official app on Android or Roku. Ota2Go connects to the Tablo just fine.

EDIT: Several channels display the highest possible signal level on the other Tuner which is a Cleartream tuner. 5 out of 5 bars.

The Roku Tablo app is supposed to work without internet service, but sometimes when my internet service goes out, I need to either power cycle my Tablo, or reboot my router, and then power cycle my Tablo.

Even if my internet service is working, if I reboot my router, I won’t be able to connect to my Tablo, until power cycling it.

The Tablo has been restarted twice and the Roku TV has been hard reset twice. Ota2Go connects but the official Android and Roku apps do not. The internal IP addresses remain unchanged. I checked the IP addresses.

As I mentioned, I would reboot the router, wait until it came back up, and then power cycle the Tablo.
It works for me.
Might give it a try.

I just gave up for the night. I bet when I wake up tomorrow and the internet is back everything starts to work as normal. Finger crossed they fix the internet🤞 tonight.

Unfortunately I can not longer rely on the Tablo when the internet goes down unless they figure this out. Very frustrating since this was never an issue before. I wouldn’t have been so annoyed If the Tablo would have recorded my programs. There is no logical reason the device can’t record without internet access for a mere 6 or 7 hours.

@TabloEngineering @TabloTV Internet came back and all the troubles disappeared by themselves. No more weak signal and all apps working.

Is there anything you can do to fix this bug in an update? The Tablo not recording when the internet goes down is my biggest concern since I can access recordings with 3rd party apps.
EDIT: Tablo quad 2.2.30

This has been discussed ad nauseam and well documented. - Tablo FAQs: Do I Need Internet to Use a Tablo OTA DVR?

When you rebooted your tablo - it lost it’s time with out connection to an NTP, now it’s completely useless until it gets it’s time set from how I understand:

1. To Set the Time

Each time your Tablo OTA DVR turns on, it will check for something called the Network Time Protocol (NTP) which tells the system what year, date, and time it is in your location. Your home router will pass this info on from your ISP, which identifies your location based on your IP address.

Without the correct time, your Tablo will either think it’s been put into a time warp back to 1970, or if it gets the right date but the wrong time, schedule recordings or show a live TV grid for the incorrect time slot.

TV-connected Tablo DVRs do fetch time from NTP upon setup, and check on it regularly to keep the time accurate, but also have an internal clock as backup.

It seems tablo’s don’t have a hardware clock. So along with all the other reasons it needs internet connectivity, it needs to set it’s clock to get started.

I understand some devices can continue to connect provided it stays connected locally.

I understand the time issue(an issue I forgot about thanks for the reminder) but it doesn’t explain why my Tablo could not record anything BEFORE I reset it.

I only started to tinker with the Tablo after it failed to record two shows AND because EVERY channel said it was “too weak”.