Internet Down - Tablo Ripper won't work

The Internet was down for my area for 6 hours. Unable to use Tablo on Roku, Chromium in Linux, or Chrome in Windows to access my recordings (Expected but not happy with this). If I could have used Tablo Ripper to get a couple of my recordings that would have been great, but it didn’t work either. I did use my antenna without the Tablo for live viewing. Any suggestions to access recordings during an internet outage? Will Tablo ever work correctly without the internet? I thought it did a few years ago, but I could be mistaken.

Ideally, “rippers” need to be able work without querying Ideally, you’d be able to supply the IP of your Tablo and pull. SurLaTablo still doesn’t attempt “discovery” and insists you define your Tablo IPs manually.

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I will try shutting down my Surfboard cable modem when no one is home to see if my TP-Link cable router can negotiate a connection with the IP address of one of my Tablos in Tablo Ripper. Thanks for the help.

DO NOT reboot or “power-cycle” your tablo!

It can/will still record scheduled programming, withing the next 14days - supposedly.

1. To Set the Time

Each time your Tablo OTA DVR turns on, it will check for something called the Network Time Protocol (NTP) which tells the system what year, date, and time it is in your location. Your home router will pass this info on from your ISP, which identifies your location based on your IP address.

Without the correct time, your Tablo will either think it’s been put into a time warp back to 1970, or if it gets the right date but the wrong time, schedule recordings or show a live TV grid for the incorrect time slot.

If it loose time, without an NTP server - you’re SOL.

It’s true that Tablo - if working - will record even if the internet is down. (It will do this even if you power cycle the Tablo and the internet is still down, though of course if you power cycle during a recording it will break it into two and miss a bit.)

I love Tablo Ripper and also Tablo Tools. The latter will both play recordings off the Tablo while the inter net is down … and it will play the Live channels on your Tablo even if the internet is down, unlike the Nuvvyo web player. (You have to have downloaded Tablo Tools before you lost internet of course.)

so it, presumably, has a real-time clock and their FAQ is just propaganda.

Like use PC & MAC and have access to

Access to most Tablo screens and features including settings

Roku gets that… with out settings !?!

Access to most Tablo screens and features

and iOS get it all

Access to all Tablo screens and filters including settings

not know the difference between filters vs features or what screens you’re missing… are they really telling you anything?

Ok, I see I went waay off topic

It’s possible my memory is off and our Tablo kept recording with internet off only when the Tablo unit was reset rather than fully powered off and on - so i’m not sure about the internal clock presence/absence. It is certainly true that Tablo records scheduled items off the antenna feed even if the internet is down (perhaps only if power has not been interrupted).

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It probably has to do with how you assign you IP address using DHCP. You might try reserving it with your router? Not sure if that will help. The Tablo itself is fine but it needs an IP address fro the software to find it,

I bought a new cable modem (Motorola MB7420) 4 months ago and the internet has gone down several times with no problems. The Tablos will tell me that there is no internet access, do I wish to continue (yes or no) and my LAN will work fine with Tablo, Tablo Tools, and Tablo Ripper. Problem seems to be solved.