Internet Dependency Woes

I see a previous post from 2015 regarding this issue, but nothing seems to have been changed to address it, now in 2018. This morning I woke up to find my cable modem was not working, and I had lost my internet connection. It was an area outage of Spectrum internet.

I’m not sure on all the details why it didn’t, but I kind of expected my TabloTV to still work on my home network. I know that the PC Browser connect method will fail as it requires the internet to find my TabloTV (this is not the best method, and this has other issues as well, like not working while VPN’d).

I have no understanding of why the Roku Tablo app could not find my TabloTV on my home network which was still up and running. Why does a Roku on my home network depend on the internet to find my TabloTV on my home network? This seems flat out broken to me - this is a completely unnecessary requirement. Other devices on my home network could communicate just fine. I could print. I could get to my NAS files. If my channel guide information (which I agree comes over the internet) ever fully ran out, I would still expect the TabloTV to play the channels, ignorant of the content being shown. This failure today is really frustrating me. I’d like to know if competitive devices have the same limitation.


I can unplug/disconnect my ISP connection from my ISP router and both my Roku 3(4200) connected via WiFI and my Roku 2 (4210) wired connection work all day long.

The only devices that won’t work if the internet isn’t working / Tablo servers are down are the following: PC browser, smart Tv apps, and Xbox.

Not sure why your Roku wouldn’t work. Maybe a reboot of the Roku or your switch would help.

I tested it again before I posted and it worked. But I have multiple tables and always leave the app by a tablo disconnect and back arrow exit.

So I always enter the app in a clean mode. The tablo discovery worked as before. It use to be that when you selected the tablo an internet down message would appear and you had to select proceed to enter the actual tablo unit menu. But even the internet down message seems to have disappeared.

But since I live in an area with very infrequent power or internet outages I’ve rarely have had to use the functionality in over 4 years.

And I don’t think I’ll really need the functionality when I’m hit by either the 8+ earthquake or wildfire.