Internet Data Usage Question

My internet usage has gone through the roof the past few weeks. My question is this: Does the Tablo DVR use significant amounts of data from the internet provider (typically 20 GB per day) or there another device that must be using lots of data from the provider?

Tablo doesn’t use much internet data usage unless someone is watching your Tablo remotely.

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Thank you very much!

Now if you are in the commercial skip beta, it will use more internet. Parts of every show get sent to the Tablo servers and back. Though I am not sure how much more.

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Depending on the settings of your Tablo, it will use between 100-200 MB/hour of recording in external internet bandwidth.

For reference, if you schedule about 40 recordings in a month this will equal to 8 GB of bandwidth used. It’s more than Tablo uses for regular processes (like guide data) but is still only a fraction of overall bandwidth for those with datacaps.