I had a minor internet outage of about 3 hours. Got the Tablo to connect through my private network. But weirdly all the channel guide for live tv was gone and the Tablo clock was doing it’s own time on the planet mars.

It still worked but wondering if a problem with the unit is coming.

I had a similar sort of experience yesterday…for about an hour, my 4.5Mb download speed was restricted to about 15 kbits/sec. During that time, the Tablo lost its connection to my local network. Early today, I repeated the ‘initial discovery through WiFi’ and everything is now OK. Not sure what happened there, mildly painful because the Tablo is on WiFi but the computer I mostly use for control is wired; we talk to the Tablo through a wireless extender. [I had to use the wife’s laptop to rediscover the Tablo.]