Intermittent reception causes recording to stop

New to our TABLO and love it with one exception.
If there is a loss of reception due to weather recordings will STOP and you get the message “RETRY/CANCEL”… If you think about that message and you are recording you are not watching that recording or you are away from home so WHY is this a message?

Can the coders there at TABLO make a change just keep retrying instead of aborting?

I have 3 Magnavox’s 555 digital OTA recorders. They will keep recording even with total drop out for the length of the recording time.

Just hoping this can be an update!



I’ve seen where a program gets split into 2 or 3 separate recordings due to bad reception.

I don’t think I’ve seen a “Retry/Cancel” message in a recording. Am I understanding you correctly? Or are you talking about watching live TV?

Yes a live tv record I will get retry/cancel…

Have seen the scheduled record be broken int a couple of short recordings and then it appears to give up on recording. Will have to monitor this more closely.