Intermittent Pixelation with Good/Green Signal Strength

New Tablo user here. I’m in an indoor apartment and finally found the room that gives me consistent, completely green signal strength across all stations. However, across almost every station I am getting random pixelation at different times. The issues seems to be more common during the day, stations are pretty clear in the evening/night, but then around midnight channels start to either pixel or stop playback.
Here’s a little bit about my setup:
- Tablo 2 tuner
- Clearstream-2Max 60 mile Indoor/Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna
- Antenna mounted up high in a corner room on a long rod
- 6ft RG6 quad-shield coax straight to Tablo, no splitters or amps anywhere
- Seagate Expansion 8tb Hard Drive
- Router: Netgear R6200v2 – Smart WiFi Router AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit
- 50ft Cat6 cable from router straight to Tablo

The issues happen on my LG WebOS3.0 tv as well as on my laptop. Doesn’t seem to make a difference if the Tablo is wired or wireless (I just bought a 50ft Cat6 cable to check if that helped). I have tried the antenna positioned in about every direction as well, oddly enough the signal is best pointed away from the location of the tower the signal is coming from, which I’m assuming is due to adjacent apartment buildings. I know signals are harder to receive in high heat/humidity (which it is here in NC), but the strength seems great and according to TVFool im only about 22 miles from the tower. Mounting the antenna outside is not an option either, and the reception in other rooms is nowhere as good as the current placement.

Any suggestions on what to try next? An amplifier? Or maybe LTE filter?

I’m a grad school student so the budget is a little tight right now, and I did not want to purchase a bunch of unnecessary equipment that would likely not be helpful. Any advice on what to try next would be greatly appreciated!

I ordered this about 2 wks ago and it helped a lot. You may have a lot of LTE stuff in an apartment setting.

TV Antenna LTE Filter | Channel Master

Channel Master LTE Filter removes the growing LTE signal interference from the broadcast signal your antenna receives. Ensuring ultra-high quality HD signals, this LTE Filter works with all TV antennas.

See “AMAZING! ChanneMaster LTE Filter” thread below for details

Looks like it’s still on sale for $14.99 with free shipping. Several of us have purchased one and seen improvements in quality and signal strength once it is in place.

Might be worth the investment to try it out since it has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Random aside…

Our video gurus purchased a cheapie LTE filter on the interweb and found that it did significantly reduce the amount of bit errors in the incoming broadcast stream. (You can read more about bit errors in this blog post:

The downside, is that it also introduced about a 4 db power loss on the signal. Not a huge deal for people with nice strong signals, but if you’re on the hairy edge of the digital cliff it could lead to more problems or even a total signal loss.

Thanks for the response everyone. I was leaning towards trying the LTE filter too, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going in the wrong direction with my troubleshooting. I live right on a college campus so I am sure there is a lot of cell phone signals coming straight to this area. Hopefully it takes care of the issues, I really want to get this Tablo running consistently so I can start to use it!

I have a dedicated coax line coming from the cm3414 distribution amp. Right before the Table is my $7.14 :+1: LTE filter. Maybe I’m not seeing any issues because of the 4db boost from the Channel Master amp :+1:

My pixelation ONLY happens on ABC and ONLY at primetime (evening shows). Riddle me THAT one BATMAN! Got the LTE filter on, all stations have 5 green dots of reception. ABC during the day has no problems. A real conundrum of skull duggery here!