Interesting: Muliple 4K and 1080P sub chans on ATSC1

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I saw this the other day… Very interesting, that dude was sitting at home during COVID and just thought about this, and made it happen. Multiple 4k Channels due to COVID bordem.

I just want to call up the Antenna Man and say “Use some Chap Stick Bruh” IDK but it bugs me!

It’s all about what codecs the TV or whatever device supports. My TV’s are new enough to support standard MPEG4, so work with a few subchannels using it here. I also assume most 4K TV’s support the even more efficient HEVC. Also, many are running at 24 or 30 fps. That is how the station can cram them into the standard ATSC 1.0 bandwidth. 3.0 has more bandwidth, and I believe the OFDM modulation is more robust than the 8VSB used by 1.0.

This is cool though isn’t it.