Integration with TV app

Are there any plans to integrate the Tablo app for tvOS with the TV app? If not, I’d like to put in a vote for such a feature set.

For example, watching March Madness, it would be nice to be able to select a game that is on CBS (for example) and have the Tablo app open up and tune to CBS. I’m not sure if this is even possible but it would be nice if it were. :smile:

Additionally, it would be nice to be able to see my recordings show up in the Up Next section of the TV app.


Cool idea, but I doubt we’ll hear about this until it arrives or not. Same with plex integration, that’s what I want!

If you move it to one of the 5 tiles in the first row of tvOS , it will show the most recent channels/recordings.

Yep, got that. But it’s not the same as TV app integration.

You’d have to ask Apple when they’re going to open this up to more 3rd party developers.

Right now it’s locked down to a few handpicked options.

That’s good information to know. I will send in a feature request to Apple. Thanks!


Feature request + $1 billion USD ought to do it.

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If it works to get people into college in California, maybe it’ll work for that too :wink:

Pretty sure the hold-up is not on Tablo’s side. See ‘Apple being Apple’.

I think Tablo integration with Apple’s "TV"should now be possible with the new version of Apple’s “TV” App Just released with tvOS, iOS, and macOS. It seems a LOT more egalitarian in its showing of “Open In…” and “Search” Sources.

If Tubi can be integrated with the TV App, I see no earthly reason why the Tablo App/Guide Data could not be Integrated with the “TV” App as well.

Isn’t Apple one of the companies that wants a large percentage of your revenue just to get into bed with them?

sounds like my first wife…

That’s just for In-App Subscriptions and Purchases. For example, the Tubi Apps for the Apple TV and iOS (and maybe Mac?) advertise (expose) their Content to the “TV” App on Apple TV and iOS (and maybe Mac?), and I know that Tubi is FREE, so no “Cut” applies.

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Most companies have multiple levels of API’s. Once you need an API beyond the free API’s you might need to do something extra.

It’s not always money. They might encourage a vendor to have the Apple products displayed more prominently or completely separately from other products.

I am not a TVOS App Dev., but a casual perusal of the TVOS Dev. Documentation, esp. the parts about integrating with Apple’s “TV” App, don’t seem to mention anything like what you have suggested.

And my personal experience with the TV App’s Multi-App-Searching makes it pretty clear that Apple has recently stopped “pushing” their Content (when it is available elsewhere, too). In fact, it even suggests Installing Third-Party Apps that offer the searched-for Content, such as Tubi, PlutoTV, etc., if you don’t already have them Installed on your Apple TV.

Pretty neat, actually, and I REALLY don’t have the feeling that they are “skewing” Search Results in favor of iTunes AT ALL. I think they USED to; but not anymore.

Any changes with this in 2021…. Almost every streaming service has this now.

@eoakley Now that we’ve got the core functionality done for the Apple TV we can start taking a look at doing some of these more ‘fun’ things.


Great. This will be an excellent feature and as more people use Apple TV and it’s TV app as our main screen app to get to other content, the more important this becomes.

Please keep us posted. I think the community understands Tablo has to prioritize feature development and may be restricted by Apple. Being transparent with those efforts helps us support Tablo.

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While the Tablo OTA DVR is not a streaming service. Although it can stream your own content over your own network.