Integration with Philo

Grid guide Integration with Philo channels would be extraordinary. Keep up the great work!

When Philo becomes Over The Air broadcast which you receive with a TV tuner! you bet

The Amazon Fire Recast integrates its OTA channels with Philo in the guide, so it has been done, maybe could be done with Philo. One difference, though, is that Recast doesn’t transcode, it just passes the MPEG 2 stream, that may make it easier to integrate.

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It also works exclusively with Amazon devices - backed by the virtual bottomless resources of Amazon.

Nuvyyo’s tabol devices are exclusively OTA… there’s always “a lot that can be done”

Is there anyone from Tablo that can offer an explanation why they are unable to integrate the channel guide with channels from Philo/Sling?

Why would they? You can’t record from those sources.

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They can program external OTA or internet channels they want too.

But you would be able to tune to your channel of choice from one central location…the channel guide.

Tune how? The Tablo app only does OTA from the Tablo unit. It doesn’t do other streaming services.

There are a lot of OTT products. If a tablo user wants Philo integration why aren’t they contacting Philo and asking them to develop the software, using tablo API’s, that does this integration.

IMHO, it’s because developing such an addon results in zero marketshare increase for Philo. That is, it’s a cost item. Won’t gain them anything (but pain).

Ditto for Tablo.

FWIW I think they will start integrating Scripps owned channels (Scripps News, CourtTV, Grit) especially if they are not available OTA in your area.

I don’t think I’d mind that, but it all depends on the implementation. I don’t want to scroll through those channels first in the guide!

I’m thinking, even that (Scripps channels), would require a whole new platform.

Doesn’t Scripps provide(sell) these channels to broadcasters that are not Scripps affiliates. I don’t thinks these broadcasters would be very happy that Scripps was supplying a product that basically undermines their station’s broadcast of the same channels in the same DMA. Of course maybe it’s a new improved business model.

Valid point, now their parent company is publicly traded (must continually increase profits) perpetual upgrades are likely a bad business model. The original units can run the same firmware as the newest ones - same features. There’s less reason to replace your device, good for consumers. Almost no one does this.

“New and improved” Tablo and fade out updates for the current platforms. Determine “lifetime” refers to the lifetime of the service… discontinue current program for a better one. (there is nothing saying lifetime subscription is defined by your personal life) There’s all kinds of gradual changes, over years to implement.

What you’re saying makes sense, but many of these channels already have apps for your devices. I have the Scripps News channel for Roku. Has a live stream and on-demand clips. I also have Comet (Sinclair network) on my Roku.
I found CourtTV, but not Grit, with a quick search.

Not sure what the business model is. Maybe you got it wrong --maybe Scripps pays the broadcasters to air the channel?!?

With many of the sub-channels that also have apps the feed you get from the app is not time adjusted. thus the network such as ion will broadcast it’s ET 8PM show(prime time) at 5PM ion the west coast(PT). This makes matching up schedules a pain. Some you get the MT broadcast which is 1 hour off. And for many of these that have local broadcast as a sub-channel the local broadcaster often makes the time delay adjustment.

Per Digital subchannel - Wikipedia

Diginets generally are reliant on national advertising revenue and, in some cases, pay stations to be carried on their subchannels, prizing lower channel numbers.