Integration with new Tivo 4K Stream?

Is there any plan’s to make Tablo integrate into the new Tivo Stream 4K? The advantage of this new device is an integrated view of all your streaming services into one place rather than individual apps. My thought is that if Tablo for my local TV channel, worked with the Tivo stream, then services like Sling TV which is already integrated, would all appear in one consolidated interface. A bit of the best of both worlds.

The challenge with your request is that TiVo and Tablo are competitors. Further TiVo requires a proprietary device to work with their DVR but Tablo works with many different platforms such as Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, IOS, Android, Windows, etc. I’m sure there are others that use both TiVo and Tablo but there probably are not enough to make it worthwhile for Tablo to support a competitor’s proprietary device. I enjoy a integrated platform using Roku for Tablo, Sling, Hulu, Netflix, etc., it is TiVo that drives their users away from the more open platforms I mention above.


Even more so… tablo is not a streaming service. It is an OTA DVR device which streams to various devices - no service required, it just blends in with others so it may be misunderstood.

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I took a look at TiVo Stream 4K and it is Android based so you can probably download Tablo if it is not in the TiVo app store but it probably is because the Google Play store is accessible. If you are adventurous checkout these links: (briefly shows how to download apk files) (Tablo apk file - I’m not sure if this is current…)
It is another story whether Tablo will ever integrate well with the TiVo Stream 4K, e.g. showing what has been recorded or is available on Tablo. I’m not sure if this is something TiVo would need to drive and if Tablo (Nuvyyo) would actively participate or if TiVo could simply leverage the existing Tablo APIs.

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Are you asking about a unified guide, so that live content listings from Sling TV and Tablo are provided in one screen?

Yes, a unified guide so that live content from Sling TV and my Live “Local” stations and or Recorded Tablo shows are on one screen.

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