Installing Replacement Tablo lite


Need your help please. I was unable to completely boot up my Tablo lite. I move everything to my equipment area aka router.
After using an antenna, I have laying around everything worked fine, except my reception is terrible. Talked with Tablo support and they remotely logged in. They advised my Tablo had a faulty WiFi module.

I received replacement Tablo today, but wondering if I will lose all my recordings.

I would appreciate any guidance you can offer.

Thanks in advance

The link below is how to migrate recordings from an old Tablo to a new Tablo, however it states this process doesn’t work for the Tablo DUAL Lite. This just might mean there is no way to go from an OG Tablo 2/4 tuner to the Tablo DUAL Lite.

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Is there a process to move recordings from an old Tablo DUAL Lite to a replacement Tablo DUAL Lite?

@Questionbox @theuser86 If the Tablo Cloud DVR was never in use, and each Dual LITE is using an External process, the linked article above will work.

What do you mean by “External process,” “external HDD” perhaps?

What about transferring from an old 2 Tuner? Is that still not possible even if Cloud DVR was never used?