Installing indoor antenna

I am attempting to install an indoor Tablo antenna on a Sanyo DP50740 tv. I have the usb plugged in and the coaxial as well. Then the amplifier, and the coaxial to the antenna from there. I have found the channel search feature but I’m not discovering any channels. I’m not sure if there is a step I’m missing? I’m also not sure how to change my tv from cable to antenna modes (although I did channel search in the ant/air option).

Does it wirk hooked up to tv instead of Tablo? Location is key for antenna. Look at to see where your towerz are

Just to be clear, the Tablo itself does not connect to TV sets. The Tablo is an independent device on your network that you connect a hard drive and an antenna to, and it sends tv shows to other streaming devices on your network.

What streaming device do you have connected to your TV?

If the channels don’t come in on just tv, the Tablo will not magically make them come in. Connect antenna directly to tv, make sure antenna is selected, rescan. If no channels, try moving antenna.

Some phrasing in your original post makes me think you somewhat misunderstand the manner in which the Tablo works.

Firstly, the Tablo connects to your antenna and during setup Tablo should scan for channels it receives.

Secondly, the Tablo should be connected to your internal network (LAN) - the portion of the Internet from your ISP’s modem to all your own devices- it usually has a name and you have to explicitly connect all the WiFI devices in your home to it. You can also connect devices with Ethernet cables (this is how Tablo ideally should be connected).

Thirdly. Every device that you want to watch Tablo provided shows over should also be connected to the same LAN. Wither through WiFi or through Ethernet.

Many people uses Roku to connect to their TVs and act as the “middleman” provider to provide streaming shows (Tablo, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc…) to the TV over the Roku-TV HDMI cable. SOme TVs Apple, Android, Roku, Samsung, LG, etc…) have built-in or downlaodable apps to connect to Tablo. Amazon Fire devices and a few other similar “plug-in” devices also provide connectivity.

Here’s a detailed guide:

And here’s a picture from that article: