Installing a second HDD on my 4-Tuner

Hi there,

I’ve been loving my Tablo 4-Tuner for months now, but I just discovered that I’m about 70% through my space on my first 2TB USB drive.  I’d like to increase my hard drive space so that I don’t have to delete these shows, and I have a few questions that I was hoping people could help me understand:

  1. Is 2TB the largest capacity that Tablo 4-Tuner supports?

  2. If I clone my 2TB drive to a larger drive, will Tablo continue to recognize all of the saved recordings appropriately once I swap it out?

  3. If I install a second 2TB USB drive on the second USB port of my Tablo 4-Tuner, will shows start to automatically be recorded on the new Tuner when my disk space starts to run out?  How exactly does that work?
Thanks for your help, especially on any advice you might offer for how I can expand my storage space at this juncture.  
  1. At the moment, 2 TB is the largest capacity.  The Tablo folks are working on supporting larger drives, but no timetable has been set for when it will work.

    2. Since you can’t use larger drives, it doesn’t matter.

    3. The Tablo only supports a single hard drive.  The other USB slot can be used for other devices like a USB fan or for charging a cell phone, but it can’t be used for a 2nd drive.

    If you read through these forums, there are ways of migrating recordings to a computer.  That might help if you really don’t want to delete your recordings.  I have had my 2 tuner for a year, and I still have 300 MB left on my 1 TB drive.  I just do my best to clean it up every couple of months.

I’ve backed up my 1.5 TB drive, formatted and put it back on my 4 tuner Tablo.  I was about 90% full and the Tablo started acting up.  I had just done the latest Tablo update, and that’s when it punked out. There are ways to migrate the files while still connect to the Tablo and from the backup copy.  None are fun, quick or easy.  Tablo is saying they would like to provide a backup solution for recorded content, but they also say they are short handed, so that’s not saying anything I like to hear.  I do hope they come through though.


First @TabloTV needs to get the the .28 firmware STABLE before adding a simple "copy to computer" button to the screen.  See the thread "I'm working on a little something" and download it.  It works great and I have copied movies longer than 2 hours and 15 minutes, which is where the VLC LAN plugin stopped.

I posted the question if we could use a hub as as a work around. My HD are Windows compatible and work with the Tablo just great but I am not sure if that translates to working with a hub. Waiting on that answer but I just posted it today.

I posted a question about using a usb hub when two disk are supported for powering a fan, and @TabloTV checked and said it would not work.