Installed sound bar and notice audio and some video skipping

We’ve been using Tablo with no problems for 2 years. We installed a sound bar and started noticing short, intermittent skipping with audio. Sometimes it seems there is also slight video skipping when the audio skips. This is less than 1/2 second and then play continues for a several minutes before skipping again.

What playback device? Roku, Fire TV?

How is said device connected to the sound bar?

Amazon Firestick connected by optical cable

The Fire TV Stick has an optical output? I didn’t think it would.

Or are you outputting it from your HDTV?

I think he means he Sound Bar is connected by Optical Cable.

Correct - one of end of the optical cable is obviously connected to the sound bar, but what is other end connected to? Directly to the Fire TV Stick, or directly to the HDTV?

He means the Optical Cable is connected to the Sound Bar / TV and the Fire Stick is connected to an HDMI input on the TV.

Optical cable connected to sound bar one end and hdtv other end

Are you using the Tablo with Surround Sound turned on? If yes, the HDTV is liking trying to pass through the 5.1 AC3 audio to your sound bar, or the HDTV is decoding the audio and then sending the decoded audio over the optical to the sound bar.

Trying turning the Surround Sound setting off on the Tablo. This will only change for new recodings, and live TV for newly tuned channels.

Surround sound has always been turned off

Well then, next thought. Are you using the OG Tablo app on the Fire TV Stick? Or the new Tablo PREVIEW app? Might want to try either one and see if you get the same results.

I don’t have Fire tv

Don’t you have a Fire TV stick?

The Amazon devices are called “Amazon Fire TV” which is a bigger box unit, or “Amazon Fire TV Stick” which is a smaller form factor with lower specifications. They both run the same OS and have the same Tablo apps available to them.

Try the PREVIEW app. See link below.

Just tossing this out there…

My Vizio also has optical in addition to coaxial out (orange, digital audio) for audio and I can run both at same time and still have sound from tv speakers turned on.

You might try the same, might be that tv is doing fine if audio is steady from it when sound bar skips.