Install rca preamp TVPRAMP1R

I installed this preamp and by the the tvfool reports…which i need help understanding…little has changed or has it?
Below are 3 reports:

1st, taken with no preamp just CM3414 ant roof antenna to CMRFport
2nd taken with preamp installed after cm3414, dist amp split to one of the four ports
3rd, taken with preamp before the cm3414, installed preamp ac booster onto end of lead antenna coming from roof 3 ft above roof DB4, then using a splitter…had one cable goin to the dual input uhf,vhf input and the 2nd coax into the 3414…leaving 2 open ports on the preamp…one being the single uhf and the second one being the port that u would hookup to, to go into the house thru one of the 4 cm3414 ports. So, I just utilized one port that combines UHF VHF antenna port and then into the rf cm3414 rf input port.

I was confused because YouTube videos and the instructions that came with it did not give different situations/configurations, only one way.

I was trying this preamp because a neighbor has same result…we cant tell if its helping or hurting by the graph.
Chanells come in the same with all 3 configs. I know you can overdrive tuners but all 4 of my OTA tvs are performing great.
Tablo is in one of my four rooms using a splitter one going to tv and one to 4 tuner Tablo is 5 gig wifi connected to asus 68 router that is then ethernet into apple tv4 …in the living room 20 ft away. I have tried ethernet but played hell trying to sync it up…so just went wifi

tvfool only uses location and math to estimate what you should receive- it does not connect or communicate in any way shape or form to your actual antenna.

It does not compensate for other obstacles that will effect your real- world reception such as foliage or the construction of the buildings around you.


Also, did 3 diff scans
The Tablo channel scans told the story, it works best before the channel master 3414