Initial Skip on LiveTV using Tablo/Roku 3

I have a 750G Seagate hard drive on my TabloTV. Every time I change channels it place the first 2 or 3 seconds, then skips back to the beginning, thenn repeats those 2 or 3 seconds of video and then continues (usually) to play normally from that point on.

This behavior is when I am using my Tablo with a brand new Rocku 3. If am using wired gigabit ethernet between all components (though I realize Tablo will only do 100 mbit).

Is there some way to increase the buffer size on either the Roku or the Tablo to smooth out the initial video playback? I am OK with a slightly longer pause before initial playback starts…

Do you have the fast startup checkbox checked? Try unchecking it.

This option he speaks of is under Settings in the Tablo app on an iPad or Android device, or Tablo web app on

Thanks! Logging in to the Tablo Web app and making the change worked great!

BTW, as far as I can tell, there is no way to get to this option from the iPad Tablo App. I don’t see the “Advanced” setting area anywhere.

@HokkieKev - That’s correct. It’s only available in the web app since it’s not something you’re likely to be poking at very often.

Thanks for this! I was having the same issue with 3-5 second repeats. Just changed the setting and hopefully that will resolve the problem.