Infanet loop of part of show

I fell asleep watching live TV on my Tablo. It was repeating a minutes worth of the show. I tried exiting Tablo and start watching it again. That didn’t work. I pressed the blue button, and unplugged Tablo. Waited a minute and plugged back in. Then it went back to working.

@TabloTV I have NOT had any problems, but last night as you might know, the time went back an hour. Could be watching when the time changed have caused the problem? Hopefully, it goes back to the excellent performance it has been since 2.2.6.

I JUST checked the time on Tablo and it is correct. I have my router set up to get the time from a time server.

Just thought of something not related to this - if the router is set to use Zulu time, is Tablo smart enough to know to convert it to correct time zone based on zip code? Could that be the problem for those that have recordings missing? What if where you live observes daylight savings time, but they don’t change the time on their router?

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@tablotv, Please see this post from @beastman.

Exiting Tablo and going back in DOES NOT fix the infinite loop problem.

What does fix the infinite loop problem is unplugging/rebooting the Tablo.

I do not know if @beastman adjusted his antenna, but he does not mention it. (I mention that since “weak antenna” is blamed for the infinite loop problem.)

His problem sounds much like my problem.

Tablo is a good product with enormous potential to be great, but these bugs need to be acknowledged, understood, and rectified.

I have not moved my antenna since removing the Mohu Leaf and replacing it with Winegard FL500A which got my virtual uhf Gettv and Escape that are broadcast on VHF 13.