Incorrect guide for CBS


I live in Cornwall ON, which is right by the US Border and I pickup both CDN and US Channels. I get about 22 Channels coming from 5 different tower (Ottawa ON , Manotick ON, Norwood NY, Lyon Mountain NY and South Colton NY.

The guide works fine for all Channel but for one, CBS. I just purchased a new Tablo 2 weeks ago and when I first setup the guide, I click use my current location which came up correctly as Cornwall ON. With that location, I only get the guide for 4 Channels(CBC and 3PBS). I changed my location to Ottawa ON since most my channels come from there. The guide come up perfectly but for one channel, CBS on 28-2, which is WWNY-TV channel. The guide is showing METV instead of CBS. I tried to change my location to Prescott, Kingston, Cassleman, a bunch of city between Cornwall on Ottawa but all of them only display a few channels on the guide like it did when I entered Cornwall the first time.

I did some research and found that WWNY-TV has 2 tower. The main one in Watertown NY, and a another one in South Colton NY, wich is the one I pickup, If you go on the WWNY website, their guide is showing METV, just like Tablo does, however, they only broadcast METV out of the Watertown tower, the one in South Colton is broadcasting CBS.

It is a big inconvenience not being able to record CBS… It is one of the most watched Channel in my house.
Is there any way to correct this issue?

Thank you in advance,

File a support ticket with your location (postal code) and a list of the stations you expect to be able to get. They can adjust the guide data for your location so the correct channels show up.

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