Incorrect Channel Lineup and Guide for NJ

Hello, I live in NJ in the Princeton area. I got my tablo 4th gen over the weekend and sadly the channel lineup and guide are wrong for some of my major channels. For example, channel 2 is my CBS affiliate and channel 4 is my NBC affiliate, but Tablo is showing me some other channels. Of course this is really annoying as I can’t record any programs for the channels since they are incorrect.

I don’t know where it got these other channels from, but for my zip code, we get all NY area channels.

I created a support ticket for this, but is there anything else I can do to have this corrected? I’ve tried a few neighboring zip codes, but they too seem to have the issues.

Here’s the link to for my area

I would suggest that you try a zip code closer to the stations and see if you get the correct information. Hopefully that will help until Tablo can correct their guide data.

Those look to be Philadelphia stations. Princeton borough and Princeton township are listed in the Philadelphia market. RabbitEars.Info

Try zip 08817. Edison is listed in the New York market.

You are in between markets. If you want to get NY stations then use a zip code closer to NY City. Probably any zip for any of the cities that are closer will work. New Brunswick might be good for you.

I’m in Hillsborough, NJ 08844. It’s listed at as being in the NY market. I mentioned Princeton area since I didn’t want to be too specific, but it caused confusion.

So I tried cities closer to NY such as Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 and Mendham, NJ 07495. To my surprise, both of these cities had the same issue which makes no sense as they area also in the NY market according to rabbitears. Where on earth is Tablo getting this guide info from?

I suggest you pick bigger towns than the ones you slected!

I use Dover NJ 07801 and have no problem. I don’t live there.

I offered you advice earlier to pick big cities and you ignored me.

I appreciate your advice, but saying that I chose to ignore your advice isn’t fair. I didn’t see you saying anything about picking bigger cities, but rather cities closer to NYC. shows both the New York stations and the Philadelphia stations for 08844. If Scripps/Nuvyyo wanted to get it right they would use RF channel number as a tie breaker.

Try 10001. If that doesn’t work there is something else wrong.

@Ron1, it seems to have some sort of radius in the app because it won’t let me put in 10001. I tried the cities that @Lenlabnj suggested and they both worked. The good news is that now all the major networks are correct, there are however some minor channels for other networks such as meTV and so forth that are now showing up and incorrectly.

Btw @Ron1, is that link to the guide that you posted one that tablo uses?

That’s interesting. I was able to change to 10001 using the Roku app. I’m a lot farther from New York than you are.

I’ve read here that Tablo and zap2it both use guide data from Gracenote

Grr, it’s an iPad/iOS limitation. I used my android phone and it did let me use NY 10010. I tried more than half a dozen nearby zip codes and they were all giving me the wrong channel lineup. Apparently, 08901 for new Brunswick no longer works either and it definitely did earlier. Not sure what’s going on. I do wish they would use the RF channel like you said.

I grew up in Edison NJ. We got all the New York stations, but I had a Radio Shack dual bow tie antenna and used to pick up UHF stations from Philadelphia.

I wanted to post an update on my support ticket here for folks that have this issue as well.

If any of you experience issues with your channel lineup or guide, I encourage you to also create a support ticket.