Inconsistent scrolling capability

Why can we not have consistent scroll capabilities within Roku?  Example, we have looping scroll within the main menu to view/select anything from Live TV to Scheduled (which is nice) so that we only have to press “right” to move through the options and then it starts over but when we are viewing the channel listing for Live TV it starts at the top and ends at the last channel but does not continue scrolling to begin the list over again.  We have to press up, up, up, up, up…etc and until we get back to the top of the list.  Very annoying, especially when channel surfing.  @TabloSupport What is the fix for this?

Wait for the Roku update, supposed to be a new improved UI. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it at CES this week.

@mullermj - We DID announce the new Roku UI at CES! It’s going to be heads & tails over what we’ve got now. Just give us a couple more months to get it finalized and all of your Roku menu woes will be over. 


A couple more MONTHS? With the CES announcement I was expecting weeks.

@theuser86 - It’ll be done this quarter. This Roku thing has been a MASSIVE job taking up a lot of resources because everything has to be done from scratch. We can see light at the end of the tunnel but we still need to get through a bit more coding and then testing before we can launch.

So I came to the forums to ask about scrolling. As a new user, I was thinking surely I can’t be the first to ask this question and surely Tablo must know about it. So I decided to search rather than just post as I know it’s bad forum etiquette to just post something that has been asked 100 times. Wow was I happy when I found out someone asked my questions and expressed my frustration precisely. I was even more happy to read Tablo responded to him and said this Roku woe will be taken care of in months. Then, I realized it was 2015!! when all this took place. 5 years to the day and NOTHING has been done. Come on guys, why do we have inconsistent scrolling, inefficient scrolling, and scrolling that won’t run in a continuous loop on the Roku guide (but does work on the mini pop over guide). Why did your estimate of months, years ago, not hold true. Can this really be that hard to fix after 5 years?

Not at all, they’re just being mean.

Kind of… yes. It’s a long and overly technical answer, but long story short making the Live TV guide loop is not as easy as it might look. That being said, any time we do work on the Live TV grid, I remind the Roku team that this is a popular request.

That being said, there are a few tricks that you can employ…

Hitting the FFWD/REW button will skip you faster than just using the direction buttons in most menus including Live TV.

Hitting the instant replay button (the rounded arrow) will instantly bring you back to the top of most menus, including the Live TV grid.

Hope that helps ease the pain!

Thanks for the work arounds. Nevertheless, pls remind the team that not only is it popular, but it took 9 years to go from no space program to a man on the moon. However complicated scrolling guide may be, it’s not 65% as hard as landing a man on the moon. Also, I know it’s a hack, but you could enable it so that if you are at the end of the guide, and you hit down arrow twice it sends the same command as the replay therefore accomplishing the goal with a bit of a hack.

As we approach a year since your last post, I wanted to see what progress your engineers have made. Please update us as I know there are a lot of Roku users hoping for this.

Maybe the Roku app lives or dies based on what BrightScript allows it to do.

And trying to shoehorn something into it’s framework may not only require more R&D effort then it’s worth but also have potential negative side affects on how other parts of the app work.