Incomplete recordings

I am researching buying into the Tablo product line. However, I am very skeptical. I have currently (for 4 years) been using Win7 Windows Media Center. In the past 2 years I cannot get a complete recording via my HTPC using the Silicon Dust HD Home Run dual tuner.

I have read a few threads on this forum about incomplete recordings. Are the incomplete recordings what I am to expect regarding the Tablo product line? I am wondering if this incomplete recordings scenario is typical of any DVR / tuner combo that functions via OTA.

Silicon dust told me that after I sent a diagnostics report to them that the signal dropped for just a second or two; that is what ceases the recordings.

I want Tablo badly BUT I certainly don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars more for the same problems all over again.

Any comments or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dekade

I see artifacts in recorded shows coming from weak signals. I don’t know what perimeter is use to mark a show incomplete, but I get those too. I suspect there must be a length of time with no signal at all. How much time, again I don’t know.


In 17 months owning my Tablo I have never had it miss a recording. Take it for what it’s worth.

Incomplete or partial recordings are usually a result of weak TV signals.

If weak TV signals is what you’re experiencing then the Tablo DVR will not likely help in getting complete recordings.

Yes weak signal strength can cause it and this should be remedied before buying a Tablo.

As well, some of the threads in this forum with incomplete recordings are those who use HDDs which are known to have disconnect issues with the Tablo. Get a HDD Tablo recommends and you should be good.

I have had mine for a year now for the first month of owning my Tablo it was not recording the full show some times but once i beefed up my antenna and installed it correctly problem went away even in a storm i have no problem and i just ordered a second Tablo for my girlfriends house.