Incomplete Recording

This happened to me again last night where the scheduled show only recorded X minutes of the show.  Recording was not failed ( crossed out play button ), it is fully playable but only played a few minutes into the show.  3m15sec to be exact.

Had this happened to anyone else?

@TabloSupport Any ideas what would cause this?

With a 4 tuner model here was the schedule guide setup for last night:

ABC- bachelorette 7-9
FOX- mastechef 7-8
NBC- American Ninja Warrior 8-10
CBS- Under the Dome 9-10

There was no overlap of scheduling.  No live tv running to possibly cancel recording.  Under the dome only recorded a few minutes with a playable recording and American Ninja Warrior recorded whole episode just fine.


So I checked American Ninja Warrior and it too failed athe same time Under the Dome failed.  My only assumption is that the Tablo desired to reboot itself.  Coincidently, I remember trying to access the Tablo from my Android phone via Chrome browser.  It sat there with the connection screen cycling a few times before I just closed the chrome browser.

Would this have caused the Tablo to just reboot?  @TabloSupport do you have any ideas for this issue?